We help players reach the next level

Marucci Midwest (MMW) is one of the premier travel ball organizations in the country.  We are proud members of the Marucci Franchise Club, which is a status only a select few across the country can achieve.   We are proud to wear Marucci and Victus across our chest and represent a brand that truly honors the game.



Tradition & History

  • MMW was formed in 2020 formerly known as the Midwest Nationals since 2001

  • With over 90 MLB draft picks, 10 MLB players, and over 800 college signees, MMW is known for developing players and helping them reach the next level



Regional Teams

MMW continues to grow the brand by expanding into select areas with clubs that want to align with our vision.

  • MMW Missouri

  • MMW Oklahoma

  • MMW Arizona

  • MMW Colorado

  • MMW Arkansas


US Nationals - Sunbelt 

MMW is proud to be a part of the US Nationals organization.  We are one of five clubs who combine together to form the Sunbelt Region. 

Players will be selected from MMW tryouts to attend a secondary tryout for these teams.  These teams will be formed from the very best players in our region and will travel to national level events.